In order to ensure safety and security of our students, we ensure all measures are taken to combat threats to people and property in education environment. We always make sure our students are protected from violence and bullying, as well as exposure to harmful elements such as drugs and gang activity. 


Our security unit is well equip with manpower and all the necessary tools require to secure and guard students and the school facilities. The securities are always available to direct and guide you when the need arise.  Report all suspected casese to the school authority


The Unit is saddled with the following responsibilities:

  1. Protecting of lives and properties on Campus
  2. To prevent any form of crime and social vices on campus
  3. To enforce all rules and regulation of the College
  4. To arrest offenders on campus
  5. To documents and record all security incidents occurred on Campus and report same to management where necessary.
  6. To liaise with other security agencies like the Police, SSS and Civil Defence corps for reinforcement assistance where possible to do so.
  7. To be acquaintance with complete knowledge of the Campus land mark with all structures and facilities therein.
  8. To have the Charisma and discretion of managing students’ crises (unrest) proactively to prevent escalation to destruction of lives and properties on campus
  9. To brings to the knowledge of management any security preventives measures that could be taken to prevent security threats and break down of law and order on Campus.
  10. To have a reliable campus surveillance and intelligence gathering that will assist the security unit with information for proactive measures.
  11. To identify vulnerable special areas on campus for posting of operatives.
  12. To identify and create beats petrol areas that will be covered by operatives. The Aberdeen system of beats patrol can be used to cover large areas of patrol           with many buildings
  13. To ensure the posting of men to sensitive and vulnerable facilities and critical infrastructures on campus
  14. To make a follow-up immediately to confirm that every operative posted has reported and taken over properly without any  
  15. To ensure operatives are visited on duty at time intervals to confirm their presence and commitment on duty.
  16. To take notes of any negative or positive observations during visiting round and report appropriately to the C.S.O
  17. To disclose and report any act of indiscipline against any security operative found wanting on duty for disciplinary measures.
  18. To investigates all internal criminal cases that may emanate within the College, which may be directed by the management and report appropriately.


The Security Unit, College of Education Zing, has the following structures.   

  • The Ag. Chief Security Officer
  • The Deputy Chief Security Officer
  • The Assistant Chief Security Officer
  • The security operatives – 44
  • The administrative section
  • The Operation section
  • The Supervisors
  • The surveillance squad
  • The investigation unit.

The security unit also has the Company Security known as Aliyan Global security services which is complementing the efforts of the internal security. This comprises of:

  1. The Coordinator
  2. The supervisor, and
  • Twenty-four operatives (24)

This brings to seventy-three (73) the total number of security staff attached to the College.

Equally, the unit has a severable Hilux vehicle that is augmenting its efforts in the area of patrol with a view to nipping in the bud all criminals’ activities in the Academic environment

It has also four (4) Walkie Talkie communication gadgets which are being use for quick response to any eventuality.


One of the mission of the Nigeria Police Force is to partner with other relevant Security Agencies and the public in gathering, collating and sharing information and intelligence with the intention of ensuring the safety and security of the country. Inline with this we partner with the police to ensures safety and security of the academic environment. 

"At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security"