“Judge us on the quality of our products, and not the quantity of our paperwork.”


The activities of the Unit include the following;

  1. Consulting Provost or Deputy Provost on matter related to controlling standard in academic.
  2. Monitoring Programme of the College to be in line with NCCE Guidelines by using Check list. E.g. minimum standard, laboratories, lecture room/hall, lecture materials, admission, Record Keeping etc.
  3. Report to the Deputy Provost on the general quality standard of the College programme
  4. Present memo to the management on issues of quality assurance to meet standard.
  5. The office will be member of:
  • Academic Board
  • Academic Planning and Curriculum Development
  • Admission Committee
  • College Board of study
  • Reform any other duty or may be assigned from time to time by the Provost or Deputy Provost.

In addition, the unit is responsible for:

  • Allocating classroom and offices to departments
  • Uniform numbering of offices, classroom, lecture halls and theaters in the College using appropriate code.
  • Approving some selected building structures in the College

The unit has successful

  • Planned and organized the activities for the accreditation exercise of NCE Programme by NCCE
  • It has also participated in the planning and organization of accreditation exercise of SUGS programme by NUC

It has constantly monitored and supervised the conduct of examination in the College.