Great consultants start by asking the right questions first. We at COE Consult Zing limited always ask you the right question to provide the expert advice, support to undertake and execute your project perfectly.

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About College of Education Consult Zing Limited

Collage of Education Consultancy Service Unit kicked off on 4th November, 1996. and gradually grow to be what it is today. It was incorporated under the companies and allied matters Act 1990 ton the 18th day of April, 2012; that the company is limited by shares.

Colleges of education consult zing limited is poised to providing the much needed technical, professional and expert advises in the area of capacity building, construction, environmental, education and public relation to the Nigerian society and international organization.

Aims and Objectives

College of Education Consult Zing Limited was established to generate revenue for the College through the pursuance of the following objectives.

  • To provide the much needed technical, professional and expert advice to all tiers of the government, (local, State and Federal) parastatals. Private agencies, sector and international organization.
  • To prepare feasibility reports on proposed projects for clients and provide supportive professional services when land if require.
  • To engage in the business of communication, advertising public relations and campaign of every nature.
  • To carry on business of exporter and importer of goods and services.
  • To undertake, execute and carry out in any state of Nigeria business of hotel management, building and equipment supply.
  • To develop comprehensive training and development programmes, seminars and workshops for senior executives in both private and public establishments
  • To make suggestions for the optional investment of part of the funds generated.

Establishment and Composition of the Board of Director

The status of Colleges of Education Zing, Consult Ltd is presently a COMPANY and therefore has board of directors. Under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990 the Board of directors are expected to take decisions on the running of the company.

A governing board to be known as the board of Directors shall consist of :

  • Provost                            –        Chairman
  • Registrar                          –        Director     
  • Deputy Provost               –        Director
  • Directors of Works         –        Director
  • Bursar                              –         Director
  • Gilbert T.D Ametefe       –         Managing Director        

Abenitus Isaac M.              –        Secretary

Training programmes

Professional Diploma in Education (PDE) ABU Affiliate

Diploma in Computer Science

Certificate n Computer Studies