Student Affairs Division is the department that enhances students’ growth, development and success at institutions of higher Education.

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Student Affairs Division

Student Affairs Division is the department that enhances students’ growth, development and success at institutions of higher Education. The division is in charge of supporting the academic and personal development of students at school. Department under student affairs division include academic advising, admission, career services and counseling achieving institutional mission white also building supportive and inclusive communities. This office ensures that appropriate students’ friendly service and programs are accessible to school’s student body.

Function of Student Affairs Division (S.A.D)

The functions of the S.A.D include the following

  1. The S.A.D is responsible for the overall administration of student’s guidance, counseling and student decupling.
  2. The division oversees the day-to-day activities and needs of students such as their sociocultural and academic development.
  3. It oversees the administration of the Hall of Residences, including commendation of students.
  4. The division develops students’ recreation and sport programme.
  5. Provide careers information, guidance and concealing.
  6. The Student Affairs Unit coordinates student unit activities including Student Representative council election (SUG), the swearing in ceremony of elected students union etc.
  7. It registers clubs and societies and monitors their activities.
  8. Mobilization of student for matriculation and general orientation.
  9. It processes all the papers for the student’s disciplinary committee (SDC).

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and Societies is a diverse collection of group and organization ranging from sports teams, hobby organization, political and liberative group. Participation in clubs and societies exposes student to new life experiences. At the moment the following clubs and societies are registered in the College: –

  1. Muslim Student Society of Nigeria (MSSN)
  2. Fellowship of Christian Students (FCS)
  3. Agricultural Student Association
  4. Social Studies Student Association
  5. Science and Mathematics Student Association
  6. Language student Association
  7. Geographical student association
  8. Liberty press club
  9. Primary education student association
  10. The young drama club
  11. Biology student association
  12. Bali Local Government student association
  13. Sardauna Local Government student association
  14. Ussa Local Government student association
  15. Gassol Local Government student association
  16. Wukari Local Government student association
  17. Ibbi Local Government student association
  18. Donga Local Government student association
  19. Mathematical Association of Nigeria
  20. Federation of Catholic Students
  21. Computer Science Students Association

Dress Code in the College

A compulsory dress code will not only create a feeling of equality but also make students focus on their studies rather than on their clothes. Dress code does not necessary mean College Uniform. A decent, smart and formal dress is what is expected in a formal place like College. A dress code brings about unity and eliminates discrimination. Compulsory dress code reflects the discipline and uniformity.