TETFund annual special intervention

TETFund a world-class interventionist agency in Nigeria’s Tertiary Education has been and is funding and intervening in a lot of projects in College of Education Zing, Taraba State. 


S/NDescriptionPeriod withinNumber of Participant
1 PHD. Study Fellowship 2009-2019 56
2 Master Study Fellowship 2009-2019 70
3 International Conference 2009-2019 50
4 National Conference 2009-2019 114
5 International Workshops - -
6 Institution Base-research 2009-2019 23
7 Academic Manuscript Development 2009-2019 3

TETFund ICT Support

 The TETFund ICT Support Intervention is designed to deepen the leverage of information and communication technology in Beneficiary Institutions. This take off of the ICT Support Intervention will enable staff in Beneficiary Institutions acquire ICT literacy and secondly facilitate global visibility of the Institutions through the development of a responsive, robust, interactive and informative website.